torsdag 20. august 2009

På tide å blogge litt/Its about time I blogged some

I have been doing a lot of knitting this summer. The weather has been so terrible most of my vacation that knitting and crocheting has been the perfect summer activities.

I have just gotten a new phone with a better camera so I m going to take new pictures, but for now this will have to do

This jacket has been made with cluster crocheting in Limone

I made this with broom stick crocheting using Mauds silk yarn

For the winter I made half-mittens and scarf in alpaca and pearls

I have too much clothes in basic colors like black and brown so I wanted to make several scarves in cotton to bright up my wardrobe and the result was several scarves in different lace patterns. Pictures inspired by Cronic Ennui, she has the greates statue of a greyhound that she uses to show her finnished work, but since I only have live ones, I used them :-)

I found the pattern for this penguin in some blog. Monikas daughter got it as a going away present. I just call it ‘Evil penguin’ because of the eyes....

Of course I have several work in progress, one of them is this shawl made from two different Evilla colors

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Så fint sjalet blir!
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